Guidance Department

Contact Person: Nancy Peterson
Phone: 714-962-3301 Ext. 4404
Contact Preference: EMail
Guidance Staff
Assistant Principal of                                Nancy Peterson    ext. 4404
Guidance and Special Education: 
School Counselor:                                      Marilyn Wong          ext. 4470
Guidance Specialist:                A-Fk          Clint Walters           ext. 4423
                                                     Fl-L         Monika Whitman     ext. 4422  
                                                     M-Q          Nga Doan                 ext. 4421
                                                     R-Z            Lynn McCall            ext. 4424
Registrar:                                                     Pat Karathanas      ext. 4431
School Nurse:                                              Marci McLean-Crawford          ext. 4430
College/Career Specialist:                       M Wakeman           ext. 4435
Coastline ROP Career Specialist:          Marvene Sanders  ext. 4436
Guidance Psychologist:                            Connie Maddox      ext. 4479
Guidance Psychologist:                            Joy Nishiwaki         ext. 4631
Student Support Specialist:                      Cynthia Olaya         ext. 4682
Pathway Psychologist:                              Joseph Ampudia    ext. 4633