Consumer and Family Studies

Contact Person: Kerry Doll
Phone: 962-3301, xt 4243
Contact Preference: EMail
What is Consumer Family Studies

The department offers a variety of classes that provide unique opportunities to learn personally meaningful and practical information/skills that promote personal growth, healthy living, goal-planning, career/college planning, employability and a healthy lifestyle.  The department offers courses that meet the CSU/UC Fine Arts credit, the CSU/UC Elective credit and / or articulation with community college.  We have a variety of courses available for all grade levels.

Meet the Teachers

The Department Coordinator for school year 2012 - 2013 is Kerry Doll.  The other teachers in our department are Armida Gordon and Cori Brooks.


Course Descriptions

Each course is listed with a brief description. See the Course Offerings subpage for details!

Events Recognition Awards

The students in the department are able to participate in FHA recognition events in a variety of topics, at the local and state levels.  The FHA chapter is active in community service and leadership development.  This year, Fountain Valley HS FHA is  hosting the Region 9 FHA Competitive Recognition Event.

The Consumer & Family Studies Awards Program - Coronet, Star, and P.T.S.A. Awards and scholarship opportunities.